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For chefs that want to push boundaries, experiment with new and exciting techniques and create intense flavours and textures. The new Cliftonfoodfuge centrifuge allows the chef to discover an exciting new dimension to food by breaking it down to its component parts.

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Clifton Food Range® have introduced a new centrifuge which is a compact table top high speed unit taking 4 x 250ml bottles (supplied) on a swing out rotor. After blitzing down food items e.g tomatoes, grapefruit in a blender or juicer, they can be placed into the tubes and spun at high speed in the Clifton Foodfuge.

The Clifton Foodfuge will separate particulates from liquids extracting all the flavour. It will separate the components of the food by density so that heavier components are at the base and liquid at the top. This produces clear intense flavoured liquids which can then be used as part of a dish or in a cocktail. The centrifuge will produce liquids pastes and other buttery like textures.

The number of components produced can vary on the food type. For example peas separate into three items, the shells at the base, a thin layer of a puree type substance and then the clear pea liquid. Use these in the creation of exciting new dishes which fool the senses or use the liquids for creating unusual cocktails.

Play with peoples’ senses – when foods are spun down, flavours alter and colours change dramatically. For example, tomatoes spin down to create an intense clear transparent liquid.

High quality build and features:

  • Rapid acceleration and deceleration ensuring components stay separated.
  • Max speed 5000 rpm.
  • Speed can be adjusted.
  • Full safety features includes a rotor imbalance warning and lid lock.
  • High speed centrifuge taking 4 x 250ml bottles on a swing out rotor.
  • Includes:
    • FC4X250: Swing out rotor 250ml (holds 4 bottles)
    • FC250NB: 250ml Food safe bottle for bucket x 4

Video: Clifton Foodfuge Centrifuge by Clifton Food Range


  • Overall (HxWxD): 330 x 475 x 561d mm
  • Bottles: 250 mL
Product codes:
Centrifuge with angle head rotor: CFFC416#
Centrifuge with swing-out rotor: CFFC1248#

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