Sous Vide Australia is the leader in sous vide cooking in Australia.

Sous Vide Australia is a family owned business based in Lilydale Victoria Since 2009. Our showroom and The Upper Room cooking school are open Monday – Friday 9am 5pm. The Upper room is also available for small meeting and catered parties and events up to 24 people.

We provide water baths, thermal circulators, vacuum machines and much more to the hospitality industry and home cook.

Our focus is to provide local access to the highest quality and specifically designed sous vide cookery equipment from around the world with Australian safety standards.

Sous vide or low temperature cookery is about consistency.

When you cook sous vide you will achieve tasty results every time you cook. The home cook and commercial chef can both easily create amazing results. Cooking food at low temperature retains more flavour, nutrients and texture in many traditionally harder to cook meats and vegetables with very little fuss and no mess.

Vacuum sealing food items to cook in a water bath allows the cook flexibility.  Food that is cooked sous vide can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer ready for reheating. All food remains hygienically sealed in user friendly portions reducing handling and waste.

In addition to product sales, Sous Vide Australia also provides training and assistance to seamlessly incorporate this type of cookery into your current business or new business design.

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Dale Prentice is the director of Sous Vide Australia and has more than 22 years’ experience as a chef in some of Victoria’s best restaurants. As the executive chef of Stones of the Yarra Valley, Dale cooked with many high-calibre chefs, including Greg Malouf, George Calombaris, Philippe Mouchel, Riccardo Momesso and Frank Camorra.

As director of Sous Vide Australia, Dale lectures at TAFE colleges, provides training course on sous vide and molecular technique and consults to industry on sous vide process and technique.