Cryodry Freeze dryer
  • Cryodry Freeze dryer

    Cryodry CD8 Freeze dryer

  • Cryodry CD8 Freeze Dryer

    Cryodry CD8 Freeze Dryer

  • Cryodry CD8 Freeze Dryer

    Cryodry CD8 Freeze Dryer

  • Cryodry CD8 Freeze Dryer

    Cryodry CD8 Freeze Dryer

CryoDry CD8 Freeze Dryer

The CryoDry® CD8 benchtop freeze dryer is a versatile and user-friendly tray freeze dryer that delivers full control over the freeze-drying process. With a manual or automatic operation mode this freeze dryer can be easily programmed with up to 16 steps, for customizable recipes.

The CD8 boasts 8 kg ice capacity, with up to 4 kg of ice removed from the product per 24 hours. 5 electrically heated shelves and 5 stainless steel trays are included as standard.

Freeze drying is a preservation method that removes water from food, allowing it to last for months or even years without refrigeration. This makes it an ideal method for preserving food at home or in hospitality, as it allows you to stock up on food when it is in season and enjoy or use it later when it is out of season. Freeze drying is also a fantastic way to reduce food waste. One of the most popular freeze dryers for domestic and hospitality use is the CryoDry® CD8.

One of the key benefits of using the CryoDry® CD8 is its ability to preserve the taste, shape, and nutritional value of your food. Unlike other preservation methods, freeze drying does not use heat or chemicals, which can damage the quality of your food. Instead, it uses a process called sublimation, where the water in your food is frozen and then removed through a vacuum process, leaving behind the food in a dehydrated state.

The CryoDry® CD8 is a compact and easy-to-use freeze dryer that can handle a wide range of foods, from fruits and vegetables to meats and dairy products. It features a simple touch screen interface that allows you to easily set the drying temperature and time, as well as monitor the progress of your food.

Another great feature of the CryoDry® CD8 is its ability to handle large batches of food. With a changeable shelf configuration from 1 to 9 shelves, it can handle up to 9.6 kg of food at a time, which is perfect for families or individuals as well as small to mid size hospitality businesses, who want to stock up on food for the long term.

The CryoDry® CD8 is also very easy to clean and maintain. It features a powerful Scroll Pump which does not require oil and has a long service interval between services. The drying chamber is also easy to clean, with removable shelves that can be washed and dried. Overall, the CryoDry® CD8 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to preserve food in a domestic or hospitality environment.

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The CryoDry® CD8 benchtop freeze dryer is a high-quality, tray freeze dryer designed to meet the needs of most freeze dryer users such as analytical and science laboratories. This state-of-the-art freeze dryer offers full control over the freeze-drying process, allowing users to customize their recipes with up to 16 steps. Whether you prefer manual or automatic operation, the CD8 can be easily programmed to meet your specific requirements.

With an impressive 8 kg ice capacity, the CD8 can process large batches of product in a single cycle. Capable of removing up to 4 kg of ice from the product per 24 hours, the CD8 is an ideal choice for high-volume applications. The CD8 comes with 5 electrically heated shelves which provide even heat distribution and ensure uniform drying of the product.

The CD8 benchtop freeze dryer also includes 5 stainless steel trays, which are durable and easy to clean. These trays can accommodate a variety of sample types and sizes, making the CD8 a versatile and flexible freeze-drying solution. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, the CryoDry® CD8 is an essential tool for any laboratory or research facility that requires high-quality freeze-drying capabilities.

Features Benefits
Interchangeable shelf configurations Simple shelf changeover to accommodate various applications
Benchmark ice capacity Large batches and long defrost intervals for maximum uptime
Powerful colour touchscreen controller Easy-to-program recipes with up to 16 steps or fully manual operation
PC interface USB-A, USB-B for data downloads and software updates
Compact design Easy to load and unload. Uses minimal bench space
Ozone friendly natural refrigerant Minimal carbon footprint and ultra-low greenhouse warming potential (GWP). Guaranteed long term availability (unlike ozone depleting CFC and HCFC)
Low Maintenance Easy and cost effective service
Build quality High-end refrigeration and electronic components. Solid state relays
CryoDry CD8 All in one solution for freeze drying that’s easy to load trays in and is very fast freeze dryer

All-in-one-Process – In the past users have been forced to freeze their product in poorly controlled environments (such as deep freezers), and then transfer into a lyophiliser for drying. This causes undesirable ice formation and potentially product transfer related melt-back – both of which negatively impact on drying behaviour, performance and, ultimately, product quality.
Easy-Load – Easy to load and unload cupboard style chamber.
Fast – Cooled and heated shelves for fast freezing and even faster drying. Typical time savings of more than 60% (based on in-house study, compared with passive systems)

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