Unstirred Digital Baths

For consistent controlled cooking, Clifton water baths allow chefs to cook in a precise temperature controlled environment, to produce consistently perfect results. Ideal for sous vide and other low temperature cooking, these baths are an indispensable piece of equipment for all leading chefs worldwide. This large bath is particularly suitable for banqueting, outside catering and other high volume operations.

The Clifton Unstirred Digital Baths come in 3 different sizes:

  • 14 litre digital bath
  • 28 litre digital bath (with end controls)
  • 56 litre digital bath (shown in picture)

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Using the same high precision controller found on all other Clifton Food Range® products, accuracy and repeatability are guaranteed. Actual temperature is clearly displayed to 0.1°C. If required, the integrated timer can be set between 1 minute and 99 hours. There is audio/visual notification at the end of the set period after which the bath still continues to operate at the set temperature. Current time and temperature settings are retained in memory even after ‘power off.’


Temperatures can be easily and rapidly set with the push button, wipe clean control panel. The entire case is constructed from high quality stainless steel.

If the water drops below the recommended minimum level or the unit is inadvertently switched on without being filled with water, ‘FILL’ appears on the display as a visual alert and gives run dry protection.

Side lifting handles make it easy to carry the bath around the kitchen and the drain tap allows quick emptying for cleaning. The product is supplied with two stainless steel lids which have easy grab insulated handles. The bath is also supplied with a removable stainless steel perforated shelf which provides effective distribution of heat uniformly throughout the chamber by convection.

In common with all Clifton baths, the product is powered from a standard 13 amp wall socket.

Optional Accessories

Bi-fold lids are available in both side-to-side and front-to-back configurations. The clever design of the concertina lid on the bath means it can be pushed open to reveal the chamber, and as the lid is attached to the bath, there is no need to find a place to put it when removed.

The stainless steel partitions allow the working area of the bath to be divided for portion control. They separate the food into different sections for easy identification when cooking. They can also separate products that have just been placed into the bath (and therefore not regenerated) from those ‘on hold’ ready to go.

Partition racks are available for this water bath in the following sizes:

  • CFPAR130 – Mini Partition – 130mm
  • CFPAR270 – Short Partition – 270mm
  • CFPAR470 – Long Partition – 470mm


  • Display/resolution: Digital LED/0.1°C
  • Temp. range: Ambient + 5°C – 95°C
  • Temp. setting: Push button
  • Stability/uniformity: ± 0.2°C/± 0.1°C
  • Display/resolution: Digital LED/1 minute increments
  • Duration: 1 minute – 99 hours
  • Cycle end: Audio/visual alert
  • Electrical supply: 230V
  • Power consumption: 2.5kW
  •  Safety:
    • Visual ‘FILL’ message on low water level
    • Run-dry protection


  • Dimensions (HxWxD) – overall:
    • 14L: 290 x 365 x 332 mm
    • 28L: 290 x 541 x 332 mm
    • 56L: 290 x 658 x 533 mm
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) – chamber:
    • 14L: 150 x 330 x 300 mm
    • 28L: 200 x 505 x 300d mm
    • 56L: 200 x 620 x 501d mm
  • Allow 90mm at rear of unit for mains cable/ventilation
  • Allow 130mm at side of unit for tap & hose


  • Supplied complete with drain tap, lids and stainless steel shelf.
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