Vacuum Packing – Channel & Chamber bags

One of our most popular food packaging supplies, our vacuum sealing bags are designed to extend the shelf life of your dry and wet goods. In combination with a suitable domestic vacuum sealer (or commercial vacuum sealer), the oxygen will be removed from inside the bag, which extends the shelf life of your products or food items.

Our vacuum sealer pouches are also suitable for gas flushing e.g. if you want to keep salads for a longer period of time.

We are proud of our expertise in sous vide and our 70 micron bags are perfect for this slow cooking method. Many top restaurants use our vacuum sealing bags (or sous vide bags) to serve succulent, tender and juicy meals to their valuable customers.

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Boxes of 1000 Vacuum pouches 70 Um

These are our standard sous vide cooking vacuum bags, suitable for chamber vacuum machines, such as the Polyscience 300 series or Henkelman vacuum sealers. Please ensure that your sealing bar is wider than the first measurement to ensure suitability.

150 mm x 200 mm (70UM150200)
165 mm x 250 mm (70UM165250)
200 mm x 300 mm (70UM200300)
250 mm x 300 mm (70UM250300)
200 mm x 400 mm (70UM200400)
250 mm x 350 mm (70UM250350)
300 mm x 350 mm (70UM300350)
300 mm x 450 mm (70UM300450)
350 mm x 400 mm (70UM350400)
350 mm x 450 mm (70UM350450)
400 mm x 450 mm (70UM400450)

Boxes of 1000 heavy duty cooking pouches

These heavier gauge sous vide cooking vacuum bags, suitable for chamber vacuum machines. They are used for sharp products and products containing bone.

100UM and 120UM bags available.

Shrink Bags

After vacuum sealing these sous vide vacuum bags the are plunged into boiling water for a few seconds to shrink the bag around the food. These bags are suitable for chamber vacuum machines and can be used for sous vide cooking, product shaping and presentation.

170 mm x 170 mm
130 mm x 280 mm
205 mm x 320 mm

Channel bags

Suit Polyscience 150 and 200 series vacuum sealers as well as most major brands like Sunbeam food saver and all direct suction vacuum sealers. These pouches are laminated with channels in one side to assist with the direct vacuum process and are sold in bundles of 100

150 mm x 300 mm (CHL3016)
165 mm x 250 mm (CHL3017)
200 mm x 300 mm (CHL3018)
250 mm x 350 mm (CHL3019)
280 mm x 400 mm (CHL3024)
250 mm x 450 mm (CHL3025)

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Pouches can be purchased in lots of 100.

All orders are plus freight or postage where applicable.


  • Available in many sizes
  • Quality product – excellent (3 side) seals
  • Excellent service
  • Great prices
  • Safely packed
  • Suitable for sous vide, food preservation, airtight storage and more!

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