August Newsletter 2019

August 29, 2019

Sous Vide News

We’re excited to announce that we have achieved our $15,000 goal! So many wonderful and generous people have opened their hearts to help us reach this big milestone. Thank you so much!! It’s been amazing to feel so much love coming from so many different directions. We truly are blessed to be part of such a great sous vide community. Now, thanks to such giving hearts, we have all the funds that we need to complete The Upper Room – Australia’s first Sous Vide kitchen.

For those of you who purchased rewards and gift vouchers through Pozible, then you should receive these in the mail by next week, and some of you may have received them already. If you purchased a Sous Vide Gift Pack, then these will take just a little bit longer and we thank you for your patience. Classes and dinners will be delivered after the build is complete and the Yarra Ranges Health department have given their thumbs up. We expect it to take two more weeks to complete the fit out.

The space will also be available for catered meetings, menu and product development, food photography and video, and we will also be working on some secret dinners with guest chefs. 👨‍🍳 📷 ❤️

In the meantime, please enjoy our monthly newsletter where we have put a lot of work into compiling the best recipes, industry news, tips and tricks, and product reviews which we hope will inspire you for continued success with sous vide cooking.

In this issue:

  • Want to Learn the Art of Sous Vide, Molecular Gastronomy or Spherification? – Cooking Classes Are Coming!
  • Chef Talk – A chat with Source Dining’s Quinn Spencer
  • Source Dining Chef’s Recipe – Rockwood Cottage Lamb
  • PolyScience Anti Griddle – Cool, creamy centres and crunchy surfaces
  • Sous Vide Tips – Master technique: cook and chill

Thanks and enjoy the read this month!

Dale and Libby Prentice

Want to Learn the Art of Sous Vide, Molecular Gastronomy or Spherification?

Cooking Classes Are Coming Soon! 🍅 🍆🍗

We will be running the first sous vide, molecular gastronomy and spherification classes on several dates between September and Christmas so that you can choose a date and time that suits. This applies to anyone that has already purchased a class via the Pozible campaign and any new people that are interested in attending.

All classes will be no bigger than 10 guests to provide the most attentive learning environment. The Upper Room is a hospitality space and all classes will finish with sharing a meal from the delicious creations.

We will also run a range of sous vide classes, so you can choose one that suits your experience and interests, including:

  • Sous Vide for the Home Cook
  • The Sous Vide Vegetarian
  • Sous Vide BBQ
  • Sous Vide for Chefs
  • Advanced Sous Vide

Other classes available include:

  • Spherify – The Art of Molecular Food Spherification
  • Molecular Techniques
  • New Age Cooking

We will notify you in the coming weeks with more information and you will be able to book classes directly through Eventbrite. Again, THANKYOU for believing in us and being a fantastic community!

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Chef Talk 👨‍🍳

A chat with Source Dining’s Quinn Spencer

Source Dining is the beautiful heritage listed building on Piper Street, Kyneton that used to house Annie Smithers Bistro. Tim and Michelle Foster took over the restaurant in 2013 and have maintained the restaurants One Hat rating. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Quinn Spencer (bottom left image), the head chef of Source dining to talk all things food, but mostly sous vide.


Source Dining Chef’s Recipe

Rockwood Cottage Lamb – By Quinn Spencer, Head Chef, Source Dining, Kyneton

If anyone has had the pleasure of venturing up to Source Dining in Kyneton, then you’ll fall in love with this beautiful, impressive dining setting. The exceptional local, seasonal produce are used to create a wholesome, yet refined dining experience. Fortunately I was able to get my hands on their delicious Rockwood Cottage Lamb recipe. Head Chef, Quinn Spencer, has masterfully created a succulent seared rump, with an insanely good croquette of neck, garnished with green onion, beautiful herbs and holy goat fromage frais.

Here’s a word of warning however, this recipe is not for the faint hearted. You’ll need a couple of days to prepare this dish, but the end result is simply divine.

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PolyScience Anti Griddle Flash Freeze

Cool, creamy centres and crunchy surfaces ❄️😋

The Polyscience Anti Griddle is for serious home cooks, chefs and mixologists. This is one major piece of equipment that not many people will need or use. But for the few that want the top of line equipment for the fanciest recipes, this is the only model you should consider. In fact, Polyscience developed the anti-Griddle for famed Alinea chef, Grant Achatz.

The anti griddle flash freezes food through placing food on a plate that is -34.4°C. This enables you to quickly take sauces, creams, mousses, or whatever you can imagine from liquid to a semi frozen or completely frozen treat with varying textures. Go from a thin crunchy shell on the outside to a creamy frozen interior in just seconds.

It’s perfect for creating garnishes for raw or chilled preparation that help keep them cool. You could also chill salads with slowly melting dressings, or use it for cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages. The flash freezing process even provides guests with a unique, personal and exciting experience.

Let your culinary imagination run wild! For more info and to find your nearest stockist visit our website.

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Sous Vide Tip

Master Technique – Cook and Chill

Pre-cooking certain foods Sous Vide such as chicken thighs allows you to not only get ahead on M.E.P., but also ensures that they are perfectly cooked and safe to eat. Foods that have been cooked and chilled only need to be reheated at the last minute and possibly seared to have a delicious, crispy, exterior. Cook at 73°C for 3 hours followed by an hour of ice bath.