Dulse potato, cherry smoked roe and fermented potato chips

March 26, 2019

This cute little dish is served as an Amuse bouche at the start of a meal or the potato course in a full-on traditional degustation dinner. The potato takes on all of the divine salt umami character of the two Japanese seaweed’s as well as the more European ‘Fondant Potato’ texture from being cooked in butter. Once you have cooked the potato sous vide you can serve it as is, as I had done here, or you can pan fry both sides in some of the butter to create a crisp surface to contrast the lush interior.

4 Medium size Dutch cream potatoes
100 gm unsalted butter
50 gm salted kombu
50 gm Dulse

Cut the potatoes top and bottom to give them a flat surface. Place all ingredients in a vacuum bag and seal. Cook in a preheated water bath at 95°C for one hour until fork tender.



Fermented Kipfler potato chips

2 small Kipflers
2% salt by weight

Wash the Kipfler’s and slice 2 mm thick. Vacuum pack with 2% by weight salt then allow them to ferment for 24 hours. Cut open the vacuum bag, drain and dry the potatoes, fry at 175°C until crisp, season with salt and malt vinegar. I use a small pot of sunflower seed oil on my Control Freak to give a very clean taste to the chips. The Control Freak give 1C control on my oil temperature and the display helps me monitor if I am trying to do to many at once and lowering the temperature of my oil. I always use a small amount of fresh oil to cook garnishes so that they do not take on the taste of the deep fryer.

To Smoke the Salmon roe

1 Tablespoon Salmon caviar
50 ml Japanese Shiro Shoyu, white soy Sauce

Place the caviar and soy in a covered dish. Fill the dish with cherrywood smoke using the smoking gun and allow the smoke to settle with the cover on the dish. Repeat two more times to develop a deep cherry smoke flavour.

To Serve

Serve with cherry smoked Salmon roe, micro herbs, pickled wood sorrel, sorrel flowers, nasturtium leaves and fermented Kipfler potato chips.