July Newsletter 2018

July 31, 2018

Sous Vide News

Welcome to our July newsletter. We have put a lot of work into compiling the best recipes, tips and tricks, chef interviews and industry news which we hope will inspire you for continued success with sous vide cooking.

In this issue:
How to make – Hollandaise sauce with the Control Freak
Product of the month – Breville | Commercial Control Freak
Have your say – Victorian food businesses regulation and compliance survey
Tip of the month – Start with fresh ingredients
Thanks and enjoy the read this month!

Dale and Libby Prentice

How to make…

Hollandaise sauce with the Control Freak

Making hollandaise sauce has always been the test of a great chef – it’s the fine art of using the natural lecithin found in egg yolks to bind carefully clarified butter into a slightly tangy creamy delicious sauce. But this is process is very time consuming, and not everyone can be a chef, nor have the patients to create these traditional sauces. But this is where the Control Freak by Breville | Commercial is a game changer. This recipe break all of the rules of of hollandaise and is so easy to make too…

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Product Of the Month

Breville | Commercial Control Freak

This is the tabletop technology every chef should have in the kitchen. The Control Freak has a completely heating surface that will hold even, steady heat at 220 different cooking temperatures ranging from 30 – 250 degrees Celsius. You can use it for chocolate, eggs, custards and hollandaise, caramels, sous vide, oil poaching, cheese making and yoghurt, and the list goes on…

Brought to you by Breville | Commerical and PolyScience coming together to bring great design and unparalleled precision to the culinary world that will stand the test of time too. And Breville | Commercial are so confident with this product that they have backed it with a 2 year commercial warranty. Rest assured, the Control Freak will handle any busy kitchen with ease. See it in action right here.

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The Control Freak will be so much better, faster and cleaner than any appliance you have used before. In fact, we’re so confident that we invite you to request a live demonstration of the Control Freak to use in your kitchen for one week.

To request a demonstration please call Sous Vide Australia on (03) 8560 6360 or email [email protected]

Have your say

Victorian food businesses regulation and compliance survey

This is for all of our Victorian customers and we encourage you to have your say by taking time to complete a short survey.

As you may know, the Victorian Government is introducing reforms designed to make it easier for food businesses to understand and meet their obligations in relation to food safety. And by cutting red tape and reducing regulatory burden, the Government is giving small businesses the chance to grow and thrive, make more contributions to the economy and create jobs throughout the state. Which is a good thing!

By completing this survey, you are helping the Department to understand your experience of complying with food safety requirements in Victoria.

Your feedback and ideas will help identify ways that food safety regulation can be best applied to encourage a diverse and vibrant food business sector.

The survey will only take 10-15 minutes to complete. Thanks!

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Tip of the month

Start with fresh ingredients

This is even more important with sous vide cooking because the method amplifies whatever the quality of the raw material is. Fresh will taste even fresher since sous vide accentuates flavours – good ingredients from reputable supplier will be even better and substandard ingredients will be worse. You’ll be far more successful armed with the best ingredients to cook sous vide.

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