Spherify the art of molecular food spheres – cooking class

Chef’s and home cooks alike, this experience is the perfect chance to perfect the art of spherification. Molecular cuisine at it’s best. Practical hands on cooking with Sous Vide Australia‚Äôs expert chefs. Each class ends in a shared meal.

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A not-to-be-missed hands on food spheres workshop experience!

You’ll enjoy a 3 Hour spherification class with Dale Prentice to learn the art of molecular food spherification and create some delicious food sphere recipes, which will include the use of food spheres as canapes, vegetarian garnish, meat garnish and a fabulous dessert. Plus you’ll receive a $20 gift voucher towards any appliance or cookbook from Sous Vide Australia.

You must check out the Cedar Lane Spherificator.

Scallop with pearls of mango

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