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About our cooking school – The Upper Room @ Sous Vide Australia

We have created Australia’s first purpose-built sous vide cooking school, kitchen and creative workspace to help chefs and home cooks explore new ideas and enhance their skills. Sous Vide Australia is a dynamic, community focused, family based business that specialises in providing local access to the highest quality and specifically designed sous vide cookery equipment, and cooking experiences that bring people together. We have launched an exciting new collaborative space in Melbourne with the goal of exploring new ideas and to do recipe development with the latest sous vide and molecular equipment. We’ve called it The Upper Room @ Sous Vide Australia – created to help wickedly talented chefs or aspiring home cooks to cook more, cook better, and get incredible results every time. While the kitchen hasn’t changed much over the last 50 years, the new technology has allowed us to do remarkable things, and we believe everyone deserves a cooking experience that truly shows off what can be achieved.

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Meet the Owners –
The Upper Room Sous Vide and Molecular Cooking School

Hi! We’re Dale and Libby Prentice, of The Upper Room cooking school and we are absolutely passionate about food, its origin and have the ultimate respect for maintaining its integrity through cooking. We both share a vision to help transform the way chefs and home cooks think about preparing and creating really delicious food.

Dale has been a chef for over 25 years and has worked and helped many high-calibre chefs during his time, including Greg Malouf, George Calombaris, Philippe Mouchel, Riccardo Momesso and Frank Camorra. While Libby is a Chartered Accountant and the backbone of the family business.

From our humble beginnings eleven years ago in the back shed of our home, we’ve grown Sous Vide Australia to become the largest provider of sous vide equipment in the country. But we’ve also worked especially hard to freely share our knowledge with education and training centres and health departments to see sous vide become a staple in most commercial kitchens.

When you cook using the sous vide technique you will achieve absolutely delicious and consistent results every time. The key is in low temperature cooking, which retains more flavour, nutrients and texture in harder to cook meats and vegetables with very little fuss and no mess. It really is that new trend in cooking and we want to share this with the world so they can learn and taste the wonderful benefits too!

Sous Vide Australia

At Sous Vide Australia, cooking is about three things: experimentation, community, and quality. And a commitment to going above and beyond for our community of cooks to help them learn the art of sous vide, and find a way of using their new found skills in their work and home environments.

We not only bring in some of the best equipment from around the world to share and use, but we provide specialist training, support, care and understanding to those who are interested in modern cooking techniques. We continually run courses for apprentices, trainers, chefs, home cooks and even health inspectors, which reflects our commitment to sharing and advancing our knowledge in cooking that is integral to the kitchen of the future. And we’re making it a reality with the creation of The Upper Room cooking school.

We Support Our Community

We’ve come from an age in the hospitality industry, that share a commitment to going above and beyond for our community of chefs and cooks in everything we do. That’s why we show our continual support for the Australian Culinary Federation, Johnsons Club Chef Cookery Challenges, Appetite for Excellence, Nestle Golden Chefs Hat, AusTafe, Bocuse d’or Australian team, and the Foodservice Australia Chef of the Year Awards.

We are wholly dedicated to providing the best sous vide equipment for our chefs and home cooks, and continue to improve their training and experiences over time. Plus we also manage the largest specialist repair network in Australia so your equipment is always working when you need it.

Experimentation and Exploration @ The Upper Room Sous Vide and Molecular Cooking School

We’re always striving to create better experiences for our cooking community, and that required building the only sous vide kitchen in Australia where we can come together to explore, test and trial new recipe ideas while learning crazy new cooking techniques. Plus you’ll have access to the latest and highest quality sous vide equipment in Australia, which you can use in a fun and relaxed space with like-minded people that share common interest in modern food.

What we do in The Upper Room
Sous Vide and Molecular Cooking School

The Sous Vide Australia workshop, development and training program exists to provide chefs and home cooks greater understanding of modern technique. There is so much discussion about where chefs can share and collaborate and learn from each other.

The benefits of collaborative learning at The Upper Room go a long way to supporting chefs who operate in an often-stressful environment by providing a creative, fun and relaxed environment.

For the home cook, sous vide can be quite a daunting and technical undertaking. The Upper Room Sous Vide and Molecular Cooking School will totally transform your mindset by creating a simple, friendly, hands-on environment where you can cook sous vide with greater confidence.

For those in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, then this space will also provide an affordable studio for cookbook photography and YouTube food related content creation.


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