September Newsletter 2019

September 29, 2019

Sous Vide News

We’re excited to announce that we have set the first sous vide class at Australia’s only sous vide kitchen – The Upper Room.

This class will be small, hands-on, will feature modern Australian cuisine and will be led by Director of Sous Vide Australia, teacher and chef, Dale Prentice. Then we’ll celebrate our delicious and flavoursome food by enjoying our sumptuous feast at the table.

But that’s not all the news we have this month. We’ve also got some great new products that we’ve reviewed, delicious recipes, tips and tricks which we hope will inspire you for continued success with sous vide cooking.

In this issue:

  • 3 Hr Sous Vide Basics Cooking Class – With teacher and chef, Dale Prentice
  • Oliso PRO Vacuum Sealer – Has the power and speed of a professional vacuum sealer
  • The Bun Mobile’s Pork Belly – By Harold and Christine Fleming, Brisbane
  • 2019 Catalogue Out Now – Get the latest sous vide products and accessories
  • Sous Vide Australia Gardening Tip – It’s tomatoe season! 🍅

Thanks and enjoy the read this month!

Dale and Libby Prentice

3 Hr Sous Vide Basics Cooking Class

With Teacher and Chef, Dale Prentice 👨‍🍳 🍅 🍆🍗

When you cook using the sous vide technique you will achieve absolutely delicious and consistent results every time. The key is in low temperature cooking, which retains more flavour, nutrients and texture in harder to cook meats and vegetables with very little fuss and no mess.

In this not-to-be-missed hands on workshop experience for beginners you’ll enjoy a 3 Hour cooking class with Dale Prentice to learn the art of sous vide cooking and create some delicious recipes, which will include a vegetarian starter, how to cook red meat, vegetables and a fabulous dessert.

The class will have no more than 10 guests to provide the most attentive learning environment, and will finish with sharing a meal from the delicious creations you make.

Plus all participants will receive a $20 Gift Voucher towards any appliance from the Sous Vide Australia store. (Valid for 6 months).

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Oliso PRO Vacuum Sealer

Has the power and speed of a professional vacuum sealer

Every sous vide cooking enthusiast needs to take a look at this out of chamber vacuum sealer called Oliso PRO Vacuum Sealer. We currently stock two different sealers – the Oliso VS95A Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit for the aspiring home cook and the Oliso PRO VS97A Vacuum Sealer, which features a durable carry case and 12 volt DC adapter cord for the chef on the move. 👨‍🍳🏃🏻

What we love about this product is that it uses revolutionary punch and seal technology with liquid detection to provide next level vacuum sealing. The Oliso PRO Vacuum Sealer seals food automatically. Also, the Oliso vacuum sealer bags makes the vacuum sealing process easier and their reusability feature makes them economical as well. It’s super light and the size of this product is so small that it even fits in a drawer.

The Oliso PRO Vacuum Sealer is also a really good deal with respect to its price. The quality of the product is high. The quality of vacuum seal is also better, which can compare with any high-end food saver model. The maintenance cost is very low as the vacuum seal bags can be reused 10+ times. Considering these features, the price of Oliso Vacuum Sealer is spot on. ✅

For more information and to find your closest stockist please visit our website.

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The Bun Mobile’s Pork Belly

By Harold and Christine Fleming, Brisbane

Back in 2012, veteran chef Harold Fleming and wife Christine started selling handmade steamed buns from The Bun Mobile, Brisbane’s first gourmet food truck. Delivering high-end food at street-level prices, The Bun Mobile boast a fusion of world flavours with an exotic twist all made from local ingredients. And this steamed bun with pork belly, sugared peanuts, orange and ginger hoisin sauce was clearly our favourite. ❤️

You can find this delicious recipe in “At Home with Sous Vide” by Dale Prentice. Buy online now by clicking the link below.

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2019 Catalogue Out Now

Get the latest sous vide products and accessories 📲

You can now download the latest Sous Vide Australia Commercial Catalogue. Inside you will find over 70 pages of our latest products featuring immersion circulators, vacuum packaging machines, molecular cooking tools, food smoking appliances, plus so much more.

View the brochure as a PDF on your device right now or email us at [email protected] to receive a traditional printed brochure, delivered straight to your door.

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Sous Vide Australia Gardening Tip

It’s tomato season! 🍅

With the weather warming up nicely, there’s no better place to be than the backyard. October is a huge month in the patch. With so many varieties to plant, you’ll be struggling to get it all done. So let’s start with everyone’s favourite – tomatoes. This is the moment we have all be waiting for. Don’t forget their mates Basil and French Marigolds, and also good with chives, onion, parsley and carrots. They are great companions, and no tomato patch is complete without them.